About the Rummy Game

Rummy game is a popular card game in which players aim at improving the hand they were initially dealt. When it is the turn of a player to play, he has to improve his hand either by picking a card from the closed deck or by picking from the open deck (the card discarded by the other player). Rummy game can be played by two or more players. If the players are up to 6 or more, then you will need two decks of cards instead of one. A pen and a paper would also be needed for putting down scores.

Rummy game is a game that has gained much popularity over the years among both the young and the old. It is a game that can be played both for fun and for money (some players have more fun when they wager money on this game of cards). Rummy games come in different variants such as the most popular being the 13-card rummy game also known as ‘Indian rummy’. The main aim of the rummy is to successfully arrange cards into two combinations- the runs and the sets. Runs implies successive sequences of not less than 3 cards of the similar suit while sets means 3 or 4 cards of the same rank. For six or more players who are making use of 2 decks, a set could comprise of 2 similar cards of the same suit and rank.

Why the Rummy is Popular in India

The rummy game, especially the classic 13-card game also known as ‘Indian rummy’ is a game popular among the Indians. This game, which has been around for more than 500 years now with its history traced back to the ancient Mexican Conquian game has in fact, turned out to be one of the favourites for the Indians. The rummy game comes in different variants, which are all entertaining, however over the years, the 13-card Indian rummy have somehow turned out to be the country’s favourite variant of the game. It is not uncommon to see lovers of this game playing it during special events like weddings, festivals etc.

What makes rummy more popular among Indians is that unlike some other games, it is legal in India. In fact, the India Supreme Court did classify this game as a game of skill making it legal for even those that play it for cash. This legalization even attracted more players to the game. The fact that this game can now be played online has even made it pique the interest of more people.

Indians play this game because it is a stress reliever. Nowadays people, both young and old deal with lots of tension in their daily lives. Almost everyone seeks a way of breaking out of the vicious cycle. In this case, rummy games offer that much needed relief. While on the game, you can easily forget your worries and all that seems to be stressing you out. Rummy games are also easy to play as it has only a few simple rules that can be easily picked up even by a new player. Some players are also of the opinion that this game has made their mathematics skills better and that is not surprising considering that this game requires analytical as well as calculative skills. While this game can be played for free just for fun, it will be worthwhile to add that some Indians love playing this game for money as well. Rummy is one game that offers its players the opportunity of winning real cash whether played online or offline.

Basic Rules of the Rummy Game

Just like every game, the rummy game has its own rules however; the good thing is that the rule is not so complicated. You only need to get yourself acquainted with the basic ones and the terminologies (which would be discussed further here).

The rummy game played online can be played between 2 players or more (a maximum of 6 players in most cases). Two decks of cards are typically used with 13 cards dealt to each of the players from the open deck. The game starts when the first player places the first card on the open deck. To get more cards, players have to pick either from the closed deck or from the open deck. To declare a win in this card game, a player has to arrange the cards in the right sequence and or sets and there has to be at least 2 sequences with one of them being a ‘pure’ sequence.

Where to Play the Rummy Game

Rummy game is a game that is enjoyed by people and can be played by friends or group of people with common interest but people now seek ways to have fun even when no one is around to keep them company. Nowadays, there are numerous platforms where you can play rummy online when you are bored. Some of such online platforms include, rummyculture, rummycircle, deccanrummy etc. However, if you wish to have an awesome experience playing a rummy game online, you should try jungleerummyindia.